Vinyl Decal | MH-60 Helicopter Front View

Vinyl Decal | MH-60 Helicopter Front View

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This large MH-60 Helicopter silhouette vinyl decal can be proudly displayed in many places.

  • Your car's windows
  • Notebooks or binders
  • Any other smooth clean surface your heart fancies


DIMENSIONS: 10" x 3.3"

HIGH QUALITY: This decal is cut on high quality outdoor rated vinyl material and should last up to five years in an outdoor environment, under normal conditions (not 24 hour full direct sunlight).

REMOVABLE FROM GLASS SURFACE: The adhesive is permanent and not meant for walls! We do not recommend putting it on a painted automotive surface as the car’s paint around the decal will fade before the paint under the decal. It can be easily removed from glass type surfaces. 

READY TO APPLY: Decal comes ready to apply with step by step directions. 

MADE IN AMERICA: Made with enthusiasm, love and care in New York. 

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