Carved Wood | NFO Wings

Carved Wood | NFO Wings

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These three-dimensional handcrafted Naval flight officer wings are quite the perfect addition to any NFO's home. 

  • Solid walnut 
  • Unique grain and coloring 
  • Ready to hang 

COLOR: Natural walnut 

DIMENSIONS: 24" x 0.5" x  8"

WEIGHT: 1 lb

NATURAL BEAUTY: Made out of solid walnut with no stain in order to let the natural beauty speak for itself. Each wing is unique and one of a kind in regards to the grain and coloring. Once carved the wings are sanded with fine grit to smooth them and then three-four coats of oil/polyurethane finish are applied by hand.

PERFECT GIFT: These wings make an excellent gift for graduation, retirement, promotion, or an addition to your own memorabilia collection. 

READY TO HANG: The back of these wings have a flush-mount wall hanger, and we include a nail, so it is instantly ready to be added to your wall. 

MADE IN AMERICA: Designed and handcrafted on-site in an active duty, military owned and operated woodworking shop located in good ol' California.  

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